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New generation Clubcard app for Tesco

Salsa dancers Carolina and Tony Sherwani brought a Latin beat to the store as they tried out the easy-to-use app which ensures no-one misses out on savings.
Rebecca Kincade on November 21, 2014 - 8:59 am in News

Tesco is urging its customers in Northern Ireland to get ‘Appy with its brand new next generation Clubcard app.

Tesco is leading the digital revolution in shopping as one of the first supermarkets in the UK to introduce paperless discount coupons as part of a response to customers’ demands – so no more bulky paper coupons cluttering up your purse or wallet. And the great news is Northern Ireland is the first region in the UK to be able to download the next generation app.

The updated app, which is available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play, takes the strain out of the weekly shop while keeping a tally of Clubcard points, fuel savings and discounts.

Now shoppers never have to lose out on all-important money-saving offers with discounts to slash grocery bills at their fingertips.

The high-tech app has a host of features which are tailored around each individual shopper, including a ‘create your own shopping list’ component meaning you spend less time on the weekly shop. Tesco customers can tick items off a list as they move round the aisles and tap on which money-saving offers they want to use thanks to the new app. They can email or text the list to another family member or friend to ensure they’ve got everything they need as well.

The app keeps a tally of Clubcard points and fuel savings, as well as the top offers at each local store. Customers can even fine-tune their shop by searching for a discounted price on a specific product simply by entering one word – it really is that simple.

The new generation app means Northern Ireland shoppers can use their Clubcard even if they’ve left it at home as the app means the Clubcard is right in their pocket. Checking points, cashing in money-saving coupons at the till all add up to an ‘Appy way to shop at Tesco.

Tesco Clubcard app is easy to download and is set to become a valuable tool for Tesco shoppers who want to make the most of all their money off coupons. There are tutorials and a FAQs section on the app.



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