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Top apps for career success

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Rebecca Kincade on October 16, 2015 - 7:04 am in Advice, Featured Advice

Neal Lucas is a recruitment consultant who specialises in the appointment of Director and Senior Management level roles. He shares his favourite must-have apps for busy career men and women.

I’m a big believer in embracing technological advances. The world is moving at a fast pace and modern technology is designed to help not hinder you. It can be daunting to break old habits and embrace something which feels completely new and foreign to you, but if you work in a fast paced environment with a lot of meetings and responsibilities then I’ve found the below apps can help make things that bit easier. Whether it’s through buying you time, helping to organise better while on the go or keeping in the loop with industry news, these are apps you should check out.”

A one stop shop for all your notes and documents needed both for your work life and personal life. It organises your notes and web clippings into notebooks which you can access at any time. I use this a lot. Whether it’s a quick note on the go or a draft report, you can find search for your work later and share anything with friends or colleagues. Syncs across all platforms as well. Type something at my desk before I leave for a meeting and seconds later it’s on my phone and with me on the move.

Probably one of the most popular and widely used tools. Dropbox allows you to upload photos, videos, documents which can be synced with your desktop and other team members’ desktops allowing your whole team to have access to a shared folder, great for SMEs in particular. You can also share specific docs or folders with outside parties – a handy one if you want to send large files.

Genius scan
Ever see something when you’re on the go that you’d love to have a copy of? With genius scan you can make high res pdfs of anything you see through scanning it on your phone. Extremely handy if you see something, perhaps in a newspaper or magazine that you want to share with your team or a client.

A great little app for busy people on the move. If you see something interesting that you don’t have time to read, you can simply pocket it for later. Once you’ve saved it, you don’t need internet access to read it. Perfect for those times you’re stuck in transit without strong signal you can revisit those articles you’ve saved and read them undisturbed.

Invoice 2 go
This is great for SMEs or freelancers. Anyone who is running their own business understands the pressures of keeping on top of the finances while trying to actually do whatever it is your business does and what you likely do best. With this app you can create invoices on the go.

Linked In
Important for anyone who wants to build their network of contacts, keep in the loop with industry news by following relevant people, bodies or industry groups. Or simply, just so you can be found and contacted directly. Anyone who is serious about their career progression should be making use of the benefits Linked In brings.
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