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Empowering Workplaces to Save Lives

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Emma Cowan on March 4, 2014 - 12:15 pm in News

VickerStock, Northern Ireland’s specialist technical engineering recruitment agency, in partnership with Heartsine Technologies, a leading manufacturer of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) based in Belfast, has donated an AED to Mossley Primary School with one key message: ‘Empowering Workplaces to Save Lives.’

According to The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health more than half of UK businesses do not have a defibrillator, despite the impact the device has on improving rates of survival from cardiac arrest (SCA). Currently, 30,000 people in the UK each year have a cardiac arrest out of hospital and NHS data shows just 18.5% of them survive.

When someone goes into cardiac arrest, every minute without CPR and defibrillation reduces their chances of survival by 10%.  There is currently no legislation in Northern Ireland which requires employers to have an AED on site, and VickerStock’s aim is to raise awareness of the need for this equipment in the workplace. The overall goal is to obtain support from the Northern Ireland Assembly and begin a discussion which will lead to the development of future legislation.

Darren McVicker, Managing Consultant, VickerStock said, “SCA can happen to anyone including adults and children; anywhere and at any time. With this in mind there is an urgent need for AED’s in every workplace, in Northern Ireland. First and foremost we will be encouraging local businesses to install an AED on their premises.”

“Health and safety in the workplace is at the top of our agenda and we feel strongly about the importance of this issue and the need to highlight it. We hope that the donation of an AED to Mossley PS today will assist us in increasing awareness of this vital piece of equipment for all workplaces and ultimately we will be calling on the NI Assembly to examine the dangers of a workspace without one; with a view to introducing legislation to mandate AEDs in all workplaces.” concluded Darren.

Leeanne McCullough, HR Manager, Heartsine Technologies Northern Ireland said, “While CPR buys you time until an AED and EMS (Emergency Medical Services) arrive, having an AED on the site of the incident can greatly improve a victim’s chances of recovering. VickerStock’s donation of our easy to use samaritan® public access defibrillator will ensure the school has this vital piece of equipment, known for its durability and reliability, on site and guaranteed for the next 10 years. We fully support the campaign and hope that more employers across Northern Ireland install the equipment as a result.”

Speaking about the donation S.W.J Mulligan, Principal, Mossley Primary School said, “As an employer offering a public service we cannot commend VickerStock enough for their effects to increase workplace safety and would like to thank them for this kind donation. Staff and pupil safety is our highest priority and the new HeartSine AED will assist us in ensuring a safer environment for staff, pupils and visitors alike”.

VickerStock specialises in technical engineering recruitment and works with a multitude of Northern Ireland employers to provide high quality employees. Within their service offering, the company is committed to contributing expert knowledge of the industry and best practice HR solutions to engineering firms.

For further information on ‘Empowering Workplaces to Save Lives’, please contact VickerStock on or visit www.vickerstock.co.uk.

Caption: Darren McVicker, Managing Consultant, VickerStock specialist technical engineering recruitment agency, Leeanne McCullough, HR Manager, Heartsine Technologies.

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