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Slims Healthy Kitchen expands

Rebecca Kincade on July 31, 2014 - 8:03 am in News

A year on from opening on Belfast’s Lisburn Road, Slims Healthy Kitchen has rapidly expanded with the opening of an express outlet and a distribution service.

Belfast’s Victoria Square welcomed a Slims Healthy Kitchen express concept earlier this month providing healthy lunches, a juice bar and frozen yoghurt aimed at hungry shoppers and city centre office workers for a feel good lunch on the go. The 900sq ft. premises employs 20 full and part-time staff after an investment of £200k.

The express opens seven days a week from early morning serving a breakfast menu of bagels, porridge and smoked salmon. Lunches consist of salads, wraps and hot boxes such as beef brisket, peri peri chicken and Slims falafel containing spicy houmous, mixed beans, tahini, garlic, lemon and coriander. Many of the menu options are vegetarian, vegan and gluten free friendly.

Thirty-year old Gary McIldowney picked up his nickname ‘Slim’ after losing almost half his body weight through simple exercise and healthy eating. “Everything in moderation is my mantra. You can come into Slims and have a burger but it will be lean beef, cooked in healthy oil and it’s up to the customer whether they wish to have a bun, salad wrap or an aubergine slider with their burger”, said Gary.

‘Temptation is everywhere. It’s easier to get your hands on processed junk food than it is to get a healthier alternative. So many of us are now conscious of what we eat, food miles and traceability but struggle with preparation and variety when it comes to food which is where the meal plan idea came from’.

Slims Healthy Kitchen meal plans are ideal for those who are time poor, can’t cook or those who want a balanced meal with the correct ratio of carbohydrate, protein and vegetables. The meals are delivered twice a week to dozens of locations across Northern Ireland. Varying options are offered to suit different individuals such as a ‘gimme more’ option for an extra portion of protein or a ‘snack pack’ containing a selection of healthy homemade treat to kill cravings.

‘We take care of the thinking; preparation and cooking of the meals for people who struggle to fit this into their schedule. We’re constantly growing locations throughout Northern Ireland, from Bangor to Magherafelt, Portstewart and Cookstown.

‘3,000 meals per week are being distributed and it starts from just £25 per week. This is making eating healthy food convenient and affordable’, said Gary.

Across two locations in Belfast and the meal plan side of the business Slims Healthy Kitchen now employs 70 full and part time staff with plans to open further outlets later this year.



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