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Flood Control NI: A BIG issue

Chris Kerr, Managing Director of new company Flood Control NI that is working with home and business owners to help stop the rising tide and protect their possessions from flood damage.
Rebecca Kincade on January 21, 2014 - 8:50 am in Interviews

Name: Chris Kerr

Job title: Managing Director

Organisation: Flood Control NI

What does your role involve?

I recently set up a new company called Flood Control NI that helps local businesses and homeowners deal with the increased occurrence of flooding. We’ve seen the disastrous effects of the extreme weather and unfortunately it looks like this is becoming a regular part of every day life, with Northern Ireland suffering more than its fair share of flooding.

Until now there hasn’t been a viable or workable method of addressing the risk and heartache that flooding can bring and we want to change that. We offer complete flood defence solutions that ensure a property is blocked effectively from flood waters. Though flood barrier systems that fit over doors and windows, unique push-in non-return valves that prevent backflow from outside drains as well as wall and brick sealants a property can remain in tact regardless of flooding in that area.

What is the major issue affecting your sector at the moment?

The major issue affecting this sector is ensuring that businesses and homeowners are aware that there is a viable and effective means to protecting their homes. According to the Environment Agency flooding in 2012 cost the UK economy up to £600 million through damage to property, lost working days and disruption to transport, communications and utility links.

We all know that for most people their home is their most treasured and biggest investment and business owners are under enough pressure without the added worry of flood damage. We believe that by taking some simple steps and making sure that you are prepared for the worst you can not only gain peace of mind but insure yourself against the worst that the weather can throw at you.

What changes would you like to see take place?

Although substantial work has been done to upgrade much of our Victorian sewerage systems as well as implement civil flood defence projects, year in year out homes and businesses are devastated by the effects of flooding and it’s not just in the usual hotspots.

Already estimates are that the past month’s severe weather will cost insurers over £2 million. Although there has been exceptional work by the emergency services here in NI, it is vital that government agencies, business owners and individuals act now to protect themselves.

What assistance do you think could be provided?

I’ve seen first hand how effective these flood defence products are in homes across Great Britain and I’m confident that homeowners and businesses across Northern Ireland will be able to quickly utilise them to mitigate against the risk of flooding and offer peace of mind whatever the weather.

Flood Control NI manufactures Watertight; a patented system that works on the simple idea that your property is blocked effectively by our flood control products to ensure that your premises and its contents are as safe and dry as they possibly can be.

Why is it important for this message to be heard?

Unfortunately extreme weather is becoming more and more common and all of us have a responsibility to ensure that our communities are safe. We were spared the worst of the flooding this time, but by taking steps now we could ensure that future severe weather doesn’t come with the significant cost and heartache.

What action is already under way?

We’ve set up a network of distributors across Northern Ireland and are already working with businesses and home owners to survey their properties and advise on steps that they can take to protect themselves.

We offer complete flood defence systems that ensure your property is blocked effectively through flood barrier systems that fit over doors and windows, unique push-in non-return valves that prevent backflow from outside drains as well as wall and brick sealants. Although we are a business, the bottom line is that our products can really make a difference to someone’s property or business.

How can people who are interested in helping with this issue do so?

If you are at all worried about the risk of flooding I would ask you to act now, don’t wait until it’s too late. To find out more about Flood Control NI call , email  or log on to www.watertightinternational.com

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