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Mid Ulster economic development plan launched

Rebecca Kincade on October 22, 2015 - 8:50 am in News

Finance Minister Arlene Foster and the deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness are pictured at Stormont launching a new economic development strategy for the Mid Ulster District Council. Pictured with the Ministers are Councillor Kim Ashton, deputy Chair Mid Ulster District Council, Councillor Linda Dillon, Chair of Mid Ulster District Council and Councillor Frances Burton.

The Finance Minister Arlene Foster said: “Economic development is at the heart of the Northern Ireland Executive’s work and our number one priority is to grow our economy and create jobs.

“I welcome the new Mid Ulster Economic Development Plan which is both innovative and ambitious and delivers a clear message that Mid Ulster is most definitely ‘open for business’.

“The new Mid Ulster District Council now has an unprecedented potential to develop opportunities for growth in higher value added sectors and the potential for export growth principally in agri-food, manufacturing and construction.

“I am confident that Mid Ulster will continue to play a vital role as central and local government continue to work together to sustain economic growth and increase wealth and prosperity for everyone in Northern Ireland.”‎

The deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness who said: “I welcome this report and trust the findings will provide useful information that will help inform and shape future policy, benefiting the people of Mid Ulster for generations.

“This report is timely as it clearly identifies and addresses opportunities arising from representing new people, new places and delivering new administrative powers.

“As the fastest growing population of the new Councils the challenges will only get greater but with hard work, and a plan which everyone works towards we will be much better placed to meet them head on and maximise the impact and effectiveness of resources.

“We stand ready to support both the Mid Ulster District Council and everyone who lives in the area.”


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